Our Mission

Creating mutual relation with principal worldwide for various products and services. Provide exellence services and products to all customers in Indonesia for marine, power plant, industrial, petrochemical oil & gas sector. Delivering good solution on customer's problem on their equipments.

Our Vision

To be a national services & trading company which deliver high quality services and goods to its valuable customer where in that way will satisfy all parties including customers, principals, shareholder and employee.


We Offer Reliable and Good Quality Products.

About Company

Since 1951

The Republic of Indonesia was in its early struggles when PT. ASSINDO PERNIAGAAN INTERNASIONAL (API), an Indonesian private enterprise, was founded on December 12, 1951. As the name suggests, it means "associated international trading" with an aim to bring together an ally of international traders into the new born country. The company had long since been active in representing and importing technical products and machinery from various world leading manufactures. Apart from plainly "selling" the equipment, in accordance with its motto "selling with responsibility", the company takes pride in its customer support as an important duty. This includes full training, after sales service and repairs, as well as spare part supply.