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Hatlapa compressor L14, L20, L35, L140,L160,L190

Structural features :

• Two staged cylinders in 90° V-arrangement, with one-throw crankshaft,

   single acting trunk pistons

     1st stage:    1 cylinder

     2nd stage:   1 cylinder

Valves :

     Combined suction and pressure valves for both stages

Air cooling :

     By radial fan directly driven by the crankshaft

Intercooler and aftercooler :

  • Finned pipes Force feed lubrication
  • Gear pump directly driven by the cranckshaft
  • Oil pressure control by means of pressure gauge and pressure switch
  • Oil level inspection glass
  • Crankcase venting from oil filter to air suction filter

Bearings :

  • Crankshaft: slide bearings
  • Connecting rod: slide bearings
  • Wrist pin 1st stage: slide bearings
  • Wrist pin 2nd stage: needle bearings