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Hatlapa Water Cooled Compressors


Hatlapa water-cooled compressors are well known for providing reliable starting air for main diesel engines and generator engines on small, medium-sized and large ships.

Water-cooled compressors are the best choice if the engine room temperature is very high.

The flexible three-point mounting allows for easy installation directly onto the vessel’s deck and generates low vibrations during operation.

All compressors can be run with mineral or synthetic oil, whichever is preferred.

The high quality components used in our compressors deliver low maintenance costs and high availability throughout the lifetime of a ship.


List of Water Cooled Hatlapa Compressors:

  • V105, V150, V200, V250, V375
  • W30, W40, W55, and W80
*Type of compressors in the picture from top to bottom: W55 series & above, W30/W40 series , and the V105 series & above.

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